Friday, January 30, 2009

A Natural Food Nightmare

What did I have for dinner tonight? Usually I have something good to say.. but today.. nada. It was a nutritional nightmare of such gastronomical proportions that I was hungry only 30 minutes after consuming this high calorie monstrosity. I knew there was a reason I stuck to whole foods.

But I am drawn to these things inexplicably. Its like those giant texas claw doughnuts that sit in the vending machine.. they are so gross, but so appealing (like in an addictive way). I dont know if I've shared this story before.. but something in packaged doughnuts makes me ill, YET I STILL WANT THEM. Its messed up. I walk by the vending machine multiple times a day and Mr. Texas Claw or whatever his name is just stares back.. I start to salivate but then stop-- forcing myself to realize the grossness of the whole deal.

Same with cup noodles. I had my once-a-year fix, now we can get back to our regularly scheduled dietary programing.

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