Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baked Potato Soup!

Ok, so I didnt cook Monday. I had leftovers for breakfast and lunch... and Potato prepared dinner while I sat on my laptop and worked-from-home. I know I know-- its bad to bring work home! But I am just soooo behind after my vacation that I thought it would help!

How do you cope with an increased workload? What activities do you cut out? What do you do more of? I spend more time working, but my efficiency is generally lower when I am stressed because I spend time worrying! Im looking for suggestions/coping mechanisms.. if youve got em, send em over.

I totally cheated on this natural diet today.. and I attribute it to my increased workload/stress. I had a muffin during a work meeting (from dunkin donuts)... and later on, a piece of chocolate birthday cake. I really wanted the sugar (more than usual, because ive been getting used to my natural diet as of late..) and after I ate them, I decided that I had better not fret about it and add to my stress. Its just life, after all, and would it be interesting if it were perfect?

I did, however, go to the gym today-- and I did put a little more effort into my workout than usual. Its just me, balancing my dietary karma... I shall resume my natural eating tomorrow :-)

PS-- great decision going to the gym. I feel wonderful!! Now, time for the great zzzz's that come from a full days work and exercise. I'll check in tomorrow. Also, start getting excited for the inauguration food special! Im going to the Ball.. the CHEESE BALL (for real, Suee promised to make it) tee hee hee. That and more, coming up in 1 week.

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