Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I am trying my hand at home-made (is that the right word?) sprouts! After some internet research and a few phone calls to mom, I have come up with an action plan:

Day 1: Soak whole mung beans in water
Day 2: Rinse and drain soaked mung beans. Wrap in wet paper towel and set in a bowl in a warm dark place
Day 3: Observe, Rinse and wrap again in wet paper towel
Day 4: Observe, if sprouts are long enough, dry on paper towel and store in fridge in zip-lock baggie

Today is Day 3. Progress is steady, I have sprouts about 1/4 inch long (so still pretty small). So far no traces of mold or anything like that (which I am worried about in my 70 deg kitchen).. the sprouts are more puny than the mung bean sprouts you buy at the store, but my online reading suggests that this is because store-bought sprouts are grown in controlled temp environments with chemicals and gasses and other things that lil ol me won't (or can't) add to a bunch of beans in water.