Friday, January 30, 2009

Back from Puerto Rico

I am back from my 1-week escape from reality, my mental sabbatical, my "me time" and ready to cook again! Puerto Rico was just what the doctor ordered, 85 degrees and sunny, except for the rainforest.. where it was, well, rainy: but beautiful and still warm.

I returned home in vacation mode, only to find a furniture catalogue on my bed.. I guess Potato thought I might like to look at it. Ohh and did I ever! The glossy was filled with page after page of retreat-style rooms, complete with botanical posters of tropical foliage and a crisp light green bedspread.. and the office... beeeeeeaauutiful.

I have this ridiculous grand vision of remaking my that it can be like Puerto Rico every day! Suggestions? Have you done it and it failed? I want horror stories.

Oh you're not here to read about my decor? I almost forgot-- the cuisine of Puerto Rico was fantastic! Heavy on the meat and including a lot of plantains (including a Puerto Rican Burger in which a plaintain is mashed flat and grilled to serve as a bun). I did bring my rice cooker and george forman grill down to the hotel, but that too was wishful thinking. Next time, I will do it! I will bring my rice cooker and actually eat meals prepared using it! Maybe I'll even come up with a series of recipes designed for 2-5 night vacations.. Ohh maybe it can be local food too! like eat Jamaican food in Jamaica.. Puerto Rican food in PR.. Ohh I sense a great idea coming on.. and a great idea that gratifies my need to travel to warm places in winter!! How could this possibly be a bad idea??

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