Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 5: Homemade yogurt!

Todays eats were pretty boring, on account of the large quantities of food I made yesterday... so this post is going to be about my homemade yogurt experiment! Over my winter vacation, my mother showed me how to make yogurt (and said, "its so easy, you should really make your own")..

Here are the steps: boil the milk REALLY well. In a separate bowl stir a little bit of yogurt till its smooth, and slowly add spoonfuls of the boiled milk. Then pour the boiled milk/yogurt mixture into the larger container of boiled milk and mix with the spoon. Pour into a yogurt container (or other glass container or saved small yogurt tubs) and leave in a warm place (such as a 100 degree oven) for 3-4 hours, until the yogurt sets. Then take it out, and refrigerate it.

I boiled 2 cups of milk for 13 minutes in the microwave, pausing around 7 minutes to make sure the milk didnt boil over the lip of the container. The result was fantastic! The yogurt tastes so fresh and thick and creamy.. and it really wasnt that hard (mom, you know what you're talking about).

On another note, I scored a healthy eating victory at the movies today. Before I left to see the show, I was just a little bit hungry.. so I snacked on a banana. At the movies, it's fun to get the buttery bags of popcorn that highlight the experience (even though it isnt that fun to fork up whatever it costs)... but it isn't good for ya. For one, the mindless eating (you're intently watching a movie.. are you sure you're going to stop eating when you're full? I sure dont), for another, the copious amounts of butter and sometimes powdered cheese product (what IS that?). So victory for me in being able to avoid the popcorn line, despite the aroma and the fact that soooo many people in the theater had popcorn.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm movie theatre popcorn!

  2. I have to admit I do love movie theater popcorn, but I heard that the fumes from popcorn (I think this applies to microwave varieties) can give you a certain type of lung cancer called popcorn lung (doctors named it that after a dude who had 1 bag of popcorn a day for most of his life developed the condition)-- so its probably best to avoid the stuff!

  3. EDIT!! Make sure to cook the milk after boiling it in the microwave. It should be about yeast temp (lukewarm) before you gently add the yogurt. My apologies if you tried this without the edit!! YogaMango