Friday, October 16, 2009

Veggie delivery, part II

I have signed up for the green grocer veggie delivery service! To start, I ordered a small mix of organic and non-organic fruits and veggies, just to make sure that I don't waste anything. I also skipped the milk and eggs option--they ask that we leave a cooler out on delivery day. Since I don't have a cooler, I want to figure out when the delivery will actually occur, and buy an appropriately insulated cooler (if it's going to be out all day, i'm going to need a substantial cooler.. If not a thin insulated bag will do).

A reader commented about the value of sharing extras with roommates, apartmentmates, coworkers, and friends and family. This got me thinking-- that would be a great way to connect with the people around me, sharing my bounty or burden (acorn squash). Food is the tie that binds--I have this great mental image of a small basket of sqash being gifted to my neighbors, what a great way to establish a healthy relationship with those around you.

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