Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Green grocer delivers a box of goodness

Today was the first day of veggie delivery! I was so excited about the amount of produce - 12 items total that filled up a pretty substantial box. I got:
Bananas (4-5)
Plums 5
Green apples 3
Oranges 3
Pears 4-5
Bunch of spinach
Head of red cabbage
Box of mushrooms
Red potatos 5-6
Avacados 2
Bunch of celery
Acorn squash 1

I am a big fan of taxonimy in every day life; sorting, classifying, compartmentalizing things. It can be anywhere and with anything: groups of people wearing the same category of clothing (cultural, yuppie, hippie, urban); loads of laundry (colors but also types-- potatos jeans don't mix with my blue sweaters); events in a day (agendas, to do lists, incoming/outgoing mail) the possibilities are endless.

No I am not really an organized person--it's not really about being neat or efficient-- it's more of a means to rationalize the swarm of information buzzing around all day completely out of control. Lists, categories and classifications are tools for processing volumes of information that would otherwise be too bulky to handle at once.

In my case, despite my enthusiasm, the "small" box of produce was a bit overwhelming. I decided to create an order of operations based on how quickly food spoils to determine what to eat first.

As far as veggies go, normally avacados are high on the list, but in my case the avacados aren't ripe yet.

Here is the veggie list:
Acorn sqash

And fruits:

So what does this mean? But of course! The order of food spoilage dictates the order of consumption. Hmm so tonight-- spinach and mushrooms in a garlic Alfredo sauce. Mmmmm. Man I am hungy-- and that meal is pretty quick and easy.
Here is a great recipe with ingredients I just happen to have on hand:

Bon apetite, and good luck sorting through your own taxonomies for the elusive answer to the question: what's for dinner?

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  1. I went to the grocery store and got my own *smaller* box of goodies. I got: a pomegranate, two bunches of bananas, two apples, a canteloupe, spinach, broccoli, carrots, celery and mushrooms. Trying to expand veggie consumption at home, lets hope it works!