Monday, October 19, 2009

MSG in soup

How/why is it that Chinese restaurants go out of their way to declare their food and sauce packets MSG free, yet MSG is a common ingredient in everyday supermarket foods? MSG is no less addicting because it comes in a can of soup. MSG is an FDA recognized food additive, with no conclusive links to any major health problems--but I would rather be better safe than sorry.

I would really love an ad campaign for MSG free products across the food spectrum, from store shelves to restaurant menus. It would put pressure on manufacturers who use MSG to reconsider, and it would generally raise awareness about the prevalence of MSG in our foods.

It is especially upsetting to me that Campbells, makers of my favorite soups growing up, uses MSG in their classic recipes. These soups are the ones most likely served to kids (they are at least marketed that way). I was sick last week and potato brought home some soup for me. It was chicken soup for my soul-- and neurotoxin for my brain. Unfortunate find, but I will keep spreading the word on MSG products as I come across them.

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