Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mid day pick up

Our Saturday was filled with lots of activity. We had brunch at a local restaurant, walked to the local hardware store (I love that our neck of the woods has a bunch of mom and pop type stores), and walked to the grocery to get some milk. At home, we undertook a major clean up project-- decluttering the closets in our small apartment. Whew-- it was a lot of work, and when it was done, Potato and I were pretty exhausted. VoilĂ , snack time to the rescue.

This lovely spread of kiwi, gryere (no idea how to spell that) cheese, and almonds along with a cup of steaming jasmine tea, kicked away our mid-day slump. The key? Fresh fruit, and a snack that isn't too big. Crunchy things work well too (a fresh apple does wonders for the tired soul). A little caffeine doesn't hurt-- but skipping the coffee can lead to a better nights sleep.

Now, although moving a bit slower than the morning, we still have enough energy to make it to an outing with friends in DC. Happy saturday- go out and enjoy the world.

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