Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strawberry Shortcakes-- a Summer Staple

Strawberries are making their grand appearance in grocery stores and farmers markets everywhere... Poking around the neat cartons of deep red berry goodness, I glance over and see those delicious little dessert cups.. and some marketing guy somewhere just got a big fat bonus because I fell for their little ploy (I am sure Im not the only one) and JUST HAD to buy the dessert cups.. oh and whipped cream.. and vanilla ice cream!! (Turkey Hill, no less)

This shortcake is, in short, an assembly of goodness. And its easy. Pick up the ingredients on your way to a BBQ and its sure to be a hit!

Want to be more natural/healthy/organic? So do I. Next time, I will delve into the world of making my own shortcake dessert cups.

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  1. the maker must go with for the move.