Sunday, June 7, 2009

My birthday is on June 12!

My birthday is on the 12th! To celebrate, we are going to Udupi Palace to eat paper dosas!
But wait? You dont know what paper dosas are? Dont worry. This post describes a few of the items on the menu at Udupi (although the pictures were taken from food made in India, at my mother's and from my own kitchen)
Paper Dosa or Dosai

As you can see, this is quite a large piece of food. It is a very thin crisp griddle-fried rice-batter that you eat with sambar and chutney (minced coconut and spices, or minced mint or coriander and spices). It is hands down my favorite food (so far) :)

Batura and Channa (Garbanzo Beans)

These are fried breads, which rise before being rolled and fried so they have a different taste and texture. I love the combination above. If you order this at a restaurant, they usually serve one or two significantly larger baturas.

Poori and Yellow Potatoes

Pooris are made from whole wheat flour and are rolled flat and fried. They puff up in the oil, giving the bread a light soft double-layer structure. As with baturas (explained above) pooris are usually much larger (like the size of the plate) if you order it in a restaurant.
Idli and Sambar
Idli are light delicate rounds of steamed rice batter. When made properly they are melt-in-your-mouth soft. Restaurants usually dont make these very well, unless they specialize in South Indian cuisine.
Well I cant seem to locate my vada pictures, so I guess I will have to post later with that. Get excited-- and dont worry, theres lots of great things to try at a South Indian restaurant!

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  1. drooooooolll. I can't wait!