Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quesadilla Maker?? Why do I love thee so?

The delicious consumption household is downsizing! Big things are happening in my life-- I am about to start school and so I am looking to move somewhere closer to campus (read: Im going to be spending more $$ for a smaller space). I have gotten used to living in a 4-level townhouse with a huge kitchen... but its time that I let go of some stuff, so that lil ol me can fit into a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Oh yea with room for fluffy and potato as well he he he.

So here is my conundrum of the day: Should I keep my Quesadilla Maker? I love my quesadilla maker; I know it is possible to make quesadillas without a quesadilla maker-- I just dont know if I actually would make quesadillas without one.

Why a quesadilla maker in the first place? Quesadillas are just that good. I actually use it once or twice a month (I know...still not that often) and the quality of the Quesadilla is much greater than any other method of cooking (for me.. unskilled in the ways of traditional mex or tex-mex cooking). Plus, these save well and are super portable.. so they make a great lunch on the go.

Above, my classic beef and bean filling (ground beef, and homemade bean dip mixed together) with shredded Mexican cheese. These are topped with an easy homemade salsa of fresh cut tomato, cilantro and the juice of a fresh lime wedge, salt and freshly ground pepper.

The downside of course, is that I have an entire appliance for 1 specific type of food. I dont think I own any other kitchen appliance that has such a specialized function.. What do you think? Does 1-2 amazing quesadillas per month justify a quesadilla-only appliance? I am especially seeking votes from people who have eaten the very tasty product of one of these machines.


  1. Of course you should keep it! You just wrote an entire blog post about how great it is :)

    Seriously, it may be big and bulky for what it does, but you really like it, it creates a better product and you use it often. Keep it!

  2. um yea. I threw a giant hissy fit when tad wanted to get rid of our quesadilla maker. you can't beat a delicious, cheesy quesadilla for a quick lunch or snack. I say its a keeper.

  3. the maker must go with for the move.

  4. KEEP IT! I just ate one of your deliciadillas for the very first time and felt great compulsion to comment on this seemingly old-news post. Bring it on down to Glendale!!! Please!!