Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hearty Brunch Veggie Scramble

This hearty scramble is great for a brunch when hunger is high-- the potato adds a filling quality to balance the excessive vegetables, and the use of only two eggs doesn't throw the fat and cholesterol levels of this dish through the roof.
Microwave the potato until cooked. Make sure to stab it a few times with a fork to prevent the potato from exploding in the microwave.

Saute the onion, after it softens, add the bell pepper and chopped broccoli. Slice the cooked potato, and add to the mix. Now season-- add generous amounts of black pepper, cumin, basil, oregano, salt and paprika. Mrs. Dash (no msg and low salt) is also a good option for those with a limited spice pantry.

In a separate pan, prep the eggs. I scrambled mine to be assembled in a breakfast burrito, cause thats just how we roll in the deliciousconsumption kitchen. You could also top the veggie mixture with the eggs and some cheese and heat through in an oven for a casserole style. Up the egg count if you're serving more people.

Have you seen that V8 commercial on tv? Basically this guy is walking down a crowded city street, and all the people have #s floating above their heads representing the number of veggies they've eaten already. As he's drinking his V8 his number keeps ticking up, and the commercial equates this to being on the express lane.

It always amazes me the length that we will go to eat/drink "vegetables" when to me they are so delicious in their pretty natural state/close to natural state. Think of this veggie scramble as your "express lane"-- but without all the sugar that comes along with any drink. And all that wholesome chewy fibrous you have to work to eat it goodness. (Smoothies are good-- but seriously chewing is like meditation.... rumination if you will).
Chew your food. A public service announcement from us to you.

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