Friday, March 13, 2009

Shrimp-A-Palooza Pictures

This cooking event occured almost a year ago-- but I am just getting around to putting up pics now. Enjoy!!
Grilled shrimp, cajun style and lemon pepper grilled
Shrimp Biscuits, and in the background panko breaded shrimp and coconut shrimp
Super spicey south Indian style shrimp curry. This curry ended up in Amanda's eye. Ouch.
Shrimp and Cheese Bread
Shrimp Scampi, and in the background shrimp quesadillas
the coconut application for the coconut shrimp (this part was fun.. thanks Suee for volunteering)
Close up coconut shrimp

Shrimp Alfredo.. I cheated and used store bought alfredo sauce (yea next year its going to be a potluck...)
Shrimp with cocktail sauce
And shrimp stir fry!
Is anyone else reminded of Bubba from the movie Forest Gump? What can I say, I love me my shrimpies.


  1. Wow I had forgotten the ridiculous variety of shrimpie goodness! Awesome pics. I want to make that coconut shrimp again- it was soo easy and sooo delicious!!

  2. Wow, looking forward to the next one! I can't believe my eye casualty made it to the blogosphere