Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Best Tacos!! Weekend Destination: West Chester, PA

West Chester PA, with its pedestrian friendly walkways of shops, restaurants and coffee houses, is also home to the best tacos I have eaten to date. Behold (photo courtesy the replete athlete): simple tacos made with corn tortillas, a specially spiced tinga chicken taco (on the left) or asada (beef) on the right. Served with diced onion and cilantro and lime wedges, this simple taco is a taste sensation. The plain soft corn tortillas are wonderful! and squeeze some lime over the top of the taco and oooooo its good. This place isnt much for looks. But you'll leave happy. La Rancherita, Gay St, West Chester PA.

When youre done eating, stop by the Iron Hill Brewery for some wonderful brews. I sampled the raspberry wheat and Iron Hill Light Lager-- both of which are delicious! The light lager is a real light beer, and has good flavor without that heavy filling quality that marks darker beer. The raspberry wheat was sweet, but not too sweet, and felt light and refreshing. The ambiance was nice, we had plenty of room on a Saturday night to stand around and drink casually. Check it out:

If you want to get crazy, check out the nightlife at Barnaby's (on High St).. but be forewarned, it is loud and full of young people. Fun none-the-less.

There was also a little book store called the Armadillo Book Company-- every book in the store is $5.. and they had some great stuff! I ended up picking up two books, one about a man's bicycling journey across Australia (called Cold Beer and Crocodiles) and another about strange hikes this nature enthusiast experienced throughout his lifetime (called Weird Hikes). Exciting!

West Chester. Surprisingly fun weekend getaway. Try it out!


  1. I really want a taco right now..

  2. ok to update this one- I do agree the simple flavors of these tacos make them the best I have ever had. I particularly enjoyed the variety of salsas I could pile up to make my taco complete. I am sooo glad we stopped in West Chester, PA to sample these!!