Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apple Crisp

Fall- the air is chilly, the leaves are colorful, and the harvest season means natures bounty is plentiful this time of year. For Columbus Day Weekend, Potato and I took a journey into western VA, West Virgina, and Maryland. Along the way, we bought a 1/2 peck of apples and a giant pumpkin at a roadside farmstand in West Virginia. The leaves were very colorful and we passed several vineyards along the way-- but we didnt stop-- because we were busy looking for a camping spot before the sun went down! We resolved to go one a Northern VA/Maryland wine tasting tour, because all of the vineyards looked amazing! (If you're interested, we can make a day trip out there... you know where to find me)

The apples were so pungent they made the car smell appley all the way home...and I couldnt wait to eat them! 6 or 7 apples later (over a few days) I was looking for a change. So I made apple crisp! The apples were starting to get soft, so they werent as tasty to eat-- but you cant tell in the final apple crisp. I got the recipe from the food network (you can find it here: I used red delicious apples..which is waaay off from the tart granny smith called for in the recipe... but it was still deliciously consumable!

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