Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The busy bee breakfast

This week has been particularly difficult for my work/school/life balance; Papers, presentations, work deadlines, taxes, beautiful weather and cherry blossoms all mix to form a noxious brew of stress. Yes, the cherry blossoms are making me stressed.. First there's the throngs of happy people skipping out of work to head downtown. Not only do they remind me of how much fun I could be having if I wasn't in school-- no that's just not enough-- they also clog up major access routes like the Arlington Memorial Bridge or the Key Bridge with their minivans and open top jeeps. Laughing and having oh so much fun. Makes me ill. Second, the blossoms are signaling the onset of spring-- a boon for everyone except the poor souls living in constant fear of final exams. **shudder**

So what? Everyone gets stressed, right? Right! And stress is certainly no excuse for eating poorly-- although recently I've been throwing down espressos and eating all the greasy food I can get my hands on (daily french fries at the school cafeteria... Boooo). So what's a girl to do? Start over. Thankfully the Washington's Green Grocer has continued to faithfully deliver fresh fruits and veggies to my door, and today I decided that I needed to actually eat more of them.

This quick and easy egg is topped with a lightly spiced spinach.
1 Egg
10 large spinach leaves
sprinkle of Ms. Dash (or your choice of seasoning really) and salt
ketchup or salsa

I fried the egg on both sides in a bit of cooking spray (I have olive-oil spray that works pretty well). When done, I removed the egg and added the chopped spinach; it cooked down in about 10 seconds without any stirring. sprinkle seasoning as desired, and top the egg! voila! You're on the way to a healthier day.

Some other tips to get you on your way:
  • Eat raw. Save time and savor the crunch of raw veggies
  • Avoid drinking your calories. That vanilla latte from Starbucks? its made with whole milk and a whole lotta shugga.
  • Try tea instead. Many teas offer natural sweetness (try Good Earth Sweet and Spicy for a cinnamon sweet delight)
  • Be simple. Save elaborate dishes for another time. Try a plain baked sweet potato, simple steamed green beans, or a quick tuna salad.
  • If you must be elaborate, cook in bulk. It will get boring, but hey, it's food, its homemade, and it's ready.


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