Monday, August 3, 2009

Mish-Mash Meal, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner in One!

So this morning I was working from home, lazily plodding away at my keyboard while laying supine on the bed, propped up by pillows, but otherwise looking not much different than I did while sleeping. Potato was soundly sleeping.. I decided to get some breakfast. I swear the thought just entered my head-- I didnt move, sigh, put down my laptop or shuffle any papers. I just thought "mmm breakfast sounds good". All of a sudden, zombie Potato head rises up from the dead..."Whats for breakfast?"

Well now I have a conundrum.. there is only one whole wheat tortilla left and I was just fantasizing about breakfast burritos! I couldnt just stop mid-fantasy and eat something else! What is potato doing up anyways? Sheesh.

Well, I had to make the best of it.. so I thought-- why not make a fun meal-- Breakfast Lunch and Dinner (albeit in smaller portions) in one! That way I could satisfy my craving for breakfast burritos and still have enough food for the two of us! I was lucky in that much of the meal presented itself to me in the fridge.. It like called out to as I stood gawking with the fridge door open.
My beloved breakfast burrito and some local flathead cherries (from Montana!!) were on the small breakfast plate. Tuna sandwiches (with minced celery..mmmm) and boiled corn formed the small lunch serving. And for dinner.. a paratha with leftover Avvil (mixed veggies in coconut) and some plain yogurt. Mmmm. We loved it! The variety was really exciting.. plus we finished our leftovers without complaint!

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