Saturday, November 8, 2008

Election Night Special!

Election night 2008 was a historic event on U St in DC. I watched the results roll in at Suee and Tad's place, while coloring a printout of the electoral college map with scented red and blue markers. The streets were quiet during the beginning of the announcements-- I imagine many people sitting just like we were, nervous and anxious as the states were being called, huddled in living rooms with eyes glued to the tv.

Well what better way to dispel nervous energy than TACO MOUNTAIN! Such a ridiculous pile of taco goodness (topped with Tad's guacamole and Suee's cheesy been dip), I am sure, has never before made an appearance at an election night dinner. Taco mountain underscores a fundamental paradigm shift of the present bloggerita.. I have decided to eat meat again. But this is another story for another time*.

Before McCain's concession speech, we started hearing intermittent screams and cheering outside. After president-elect Obama gave his speech, the roars were louder than the cheers from Grant Park coming through the cable broadcast. We couldnt just sit there, we had to get out! And so we did!! U street was alive with people- screaming, hugging, high-fiving anything that stood still long enough-- the party even extended to cab drivers and riders, while the street was still open. Eventually the roads were blocked to car traffic, and people swarmed the streets dancing and cheering. We moved towards the drums, rhythmically pumping up the crowd on 14th and U. People were dancing on top of the bus waiting booth.. a young guy was waving from the top of the street light.. and the drums played on. This is where a Washington Post photographer captured the moment (photo below taken from )..celebrating the election results with hundreds of people.

And after a full night of nerves relieved by festive and uncontrollable cheering and partying.. we were more than a little tired. But never fear! Special election night Jello Parfaits awaited us back at the apartment-- Blue raspberry and Strawberry Jello with whipped cream. A fantastic end to a great night!

*The Omnivore's Dilemma had something to do with it

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  1. taco mountain, taco mountain.. fill me with sweet salsa goodness!